Feb. 3rd, 2009


Feb. 3rd, 2009 09:18 am
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So, I did in fact get to order REAL GS cookies (samoas, not 'carmel delites'). W00T.

Last night the fire alarm went off when we were playing RB. When I was getting our coats from the closet, the vacuum attacked me. I have a very painful contusion on the side of my knee. It hurts like hell, especially when I walk. It's in the perfect place to be squished and stretched as I walk. SUCK.

Last night I finally had the time and inclination to try out a dual-play on RB. For Giftmas Rob got me a microphone stand to use with RB, so I can play bass, and sing. Last night I got to try it out. We put it on no-fail, just in case, and I played both on Medium. 20 songs later, all with scores over 90%, and I think I can safely say that as long as I know the song somewhat, I can do it (as long as people don't expect me to get all the words right). The easiest were Carry On My Wayward Son, All the Small Things, and White Wedding. Maps and Ex Girlfriend also went pretty well. Rob wanted to do Pinball Wizard, which I managed, but missed most of the words on (I knew the words to the first and last verses, thats it).

All in all, I think Rob got more use out of the no-fail than I did, but he was on Hard. I think next time I may go without no-fail, and try vocals on Hard. But twas a success, considering it was the first time I'd actually gotten a chance to try it.


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