May. 13th, 2009

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Oh, life. You have been BUSY.

Between birthdays, and work, my life has been crazy busy. I've either completed my 40 hours early and had the time off, or worked overtime for the last month. Wee, lots of extra money!

I also found out my raise- 6%, which is pretty decent, though a little less than I was hoping for.

I'm getting more used to the ADD meds, and we've upped the dosage ('we' being my psychiatrist and I) a couple of times, and it's getting closer.

Rob has a job now! He's waitstaff for a catering temp agency (that my mom works for part time). His first gig is Friday, so he'll have money soonish! yay!

My reflux has been acting up more lately- which is sad. I'm going to really have to work on the losing weight thing to make it better. I think the new meds (ADD and otherwise) might be aggravating the reflux, which sucks.

I saw a dermatologist a while back. I decided that I was really fed up with the thin hair (alopecia is the medical term). She said that it is decidedly hormonal, since it affected all of my siblings as well, and, as far as I recall, started shortly after puberty. She wants me to change BC, since the one I'm on doesn't help my condition, but the others she suggested really don't agree with me (I'm on a progestin-based BC now. The estrogen-based BCs she recommended caused massive mood swings, and physical ickiness as well). She did prescribe a med to help with the hair loss though (apparently it was originally marketed as a diuretic (sp?), but that didn't work, so it's marketed as a BP med..but is also prescribed for a bunch of other reasons (such as hair loss). It can cause potassium issues though, so I have to get my blood checked every couple of months to make sure I'm doing ok.

umm...other than that life is good. I've been working on my 'resolutions' to stay better hydrated (which waxes and wanes), and be happier in general. Oh, and I'm trying to get better about sending thankyou cards! You wouldn't believe how many thank-yous I've gotten for the thank-yous I've sent! :-p


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