Sep. 6th, 2010

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Oh dear, has life ever been busy. To ridiculous extents, mind you.

Rob is still living with his parents. He's been seeing a therapist weekly, and has seen a psychiatrist twice. He's on a couple of medications, and they're starting to take effect, but there are some interesting side effects, and still some issues with panic, etc.

Work has been super super busy- lots of reports, site work here and there, and omg did I mention the reports? I've been worked my (now scrawny) little butt off for weeks. But hey, it's all getting done.

Week before last, I worked all week like a good little doobie. A couple hours before I was gonna go home, I got told I was going on a response- no choice was given, but whatever. My super awesome coworker Carolyn finished the PDF compilation I was working on, and off I went. Got back at 7pm, but hey, weekend!

Saturday I was home, hanging with Rob. Phone rings. Another response. Again, I was given minimal choice- I was told I could go 'now, or for second shift'- ie, I could give up my Saturday, or give up my Sunday. I chose the 'now', because we had plans on Sunday. So at 1pm ish I went in to the office, and then drove down to Bridgeport, CT. Worky worky (mill fire, so we monitored for particulates, collected samples for asbestos count, and monitored for a couple other things- I spend Saturday night sitting in the back of the SUV, crouched up, remotely monitoring some of the instruments. Left at 5am Sunday morning, and drove back home. Got home around 9am, got an hour of sleep, and then I got up, and we went to the folks house for lunch with the inlaws and an aunt/uncle pair that were in from OH (Have I mentioned how much I love Rob's family?)

We kinda had to go to the house, because I had my wet tent from camping the prior weekend, sitting in my car- it rained all week, so it was just sitting there all week, and oh my did it ever need to be aired out/dried. We set the tent up so I could sweep it out, etc.

So, right. I worked all weekend. And then I had to work all week- I was running the field screening analysis on site, so I was there ALL week. Sitting in the back of a cargo van.
-On Monday, the analysis unit wasn't working, because the manufacturer loaded the software incorrectly. Dove down to their office in Woburn, got it fixed.
-On Tuesday, the van I was working in died- We have to leave the van running, because we need to run the inverter to power the instrument and my computer. So, Tuesday afternoon was a bust, because I spent the time on the phone getting the tow truck and garage set up.
-Wednesday, things actually worked, and I was able to catch up on the backlog of samples.
-Thursday I kept up with samples, and made some edits to a report
-Friday, the PC access program (that the instrument manufacturer had me using) expired- it was a trial copy. I then had to use the instruments touch screen to enter the test data and run the samples- this is a (hard to describe) ergonomic/ impossible angle issue. Lets just go with I spent the day lying on the floor of the van to mess with the instrument, then had to get up to do anything else, then back down on the floor, etc. Ridiculous.
My my, we're already at this weekend.

Thursday night, I had a quartet concert- I've been rehearsing with two 'pick p' quartets- we just got together to sing one song. Thursday was the 'quartet showcase' where p/u quartets and standing/established quartets sang a song or two, and reveled in the awesomeness that is barbershop quarteting. I sand 'Sold' and a medley (I hate that word) of 'Save the Last Dance for Me' and 'Sway'. It was all sorts of awesome. Afterwards my mom, Rob, Rob's dad and I went out for a (late) dinner. Fun times all around. Yes my mommy was an awesome mommy, and drove up just to see me sing (and then spent the night because it's a long drive).

Friday I was lazy. (once I got home from work)
Saturday I was ridiculously productive- Laundry, dishes, assembling an IKEA cabinet (which has been sitting, in boxes, in the hall for weeks), and painted the shelves (which I've had sitting on a drop cloth in the living room for months).

Yesterday was AWESOME. I got to see the I8 peeps, and meet all their husbands (man, everyone is married), and sing (more). Twas GREAT.

Today I get to relax a little more. But, I also have to pack, because tomorrow I head off to lovely New Bedford, again. For 6 weeks. Home on the weekends, but still gone a lot. I feel like such a bad cat-mommy, because they will be alone all week (one of the big downsides to Rob not living here).

...and thats about it. Also went camping with the family twice, met my new neice (adorable!) and taught my older nephews Dominion (wicked cool game, and so neat that they understood it, and enjoyed it tons). Finally got my hair cut.

Yup. Life is busy.


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