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Oh fun.

Friday we got nothing done. When I got home from work, Rob hadn't showered. When Rob finally showered, I had a headache. When my headached went away, Rob time-warped (lost track of time). When he looked at the clock, it was 7:30 and too late to make it to the store he wanted to go to (which closes at 8). So, no draino (our tub was clogged in the nastiest way- 10 minute shower, water up to the ankles, ick), no groceries, no work shoes (for Rob)...le sigh.

Saturday we managed to get out the door relatively on time, and went down to visit Sunshine and Chris. Saw their house (nice) and their remodeled bathroom (which looks fabulous). Went to the park, and took them to dinner (for Sunshine's b-day).

Sunday we went to the Museum of Science with Keith, Meg, and Sonya. Meg wanted to see the frog exhibit. It was fun...except for the bratty screaming kids. Oh, and trying to get out of Boston. I don't know why we drove in. Cheaper? yes. Easier? Oh HELLS no. We got stuck in a turn-only, then spent some unknown amount of time (I think at least half an hour) trying to get back to where we could get on the highway.

By that time, of course, I had a migraine. I HATE HATE HATE being in a car in Boston. In the middle back seat. Getting lost. With the driver frustrated, the co-pilot terrible at maps and directions, Rob trying to give direction from the back seat (usually the opposite of what the copilot was saying), and my lovely Sonya, being...Sonya (a little on the loud side).

When we finally got home, I laid down in bed with an icepack, and stayed there for almost 3 hours. Worst migraine I have EVER had. I cried, I winced at the tiniest noise or light, and wished I had a bucket of ice to stick my head in.

Monday- oh, Monday.

Got up, and went to the grocery store. I couldn't put it off any longer, we were in desperate need of draino, and I had to get the fixins for a salad for mom's cookout. Lo and behold, there is a damned parade in town. UGH. (I also hate parades). Not only was there the pain of people sitting in the street to get a 'good view', but it seems that they all thought parking in the grocery store parking lot was a GREAT idea. The grocery store was open. There was NO PARKING to be had, because 95% of the cars were there for the fricken parade. So, I found myself a (somewhat not-legal) parking spot, and went in. I talked to the customer service desk about parking (aparently it happens every year), and went on with shopping.

When I got out of the store, the parade was breaking up, and people were starting to leave. So, not only was there end-of-parade traffic, but they also closed down part of the main road to allow a quieter veterans ceremony at the memorial. Mind you, there weren't any signs posted about it, so it was just backed up traffic for no discernable reason as everyone was sent on long and confusing detours.

Got home, put away groceries, and made the macaroni salad for mom's. Then I realized there was no way I was getting out of the house in time to make it to Auburn for the pool-rescue party. :(
Rob stayed home to nap, and I went to mom's. Julie cut my hair (yay!!), we ate, played crouqet. Fixed mom's pump sprayer, and home I went.

Now I'm back at work. Work is CRAZY for the next month, at least. I will not be having fun. I am tired. I want to SLEEP.



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