Mar. 26th, 2007 09:35 am
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I decided to call and make an appointment to see my general doctor today, because my eye is still blurry, and the eye doctor hasn't been able to do shite about it.

I called and got an appointment with a different doctor (since mine was already overbooked) for tomorrow, after telling the nice phone-lady my problem.

5 minutes later she called back.

"I just spoke with the nurse, she told me to schedule you for today"

As in the nurse said "Oh shit, thats really bad, get her in here as soon as she can make it"

So...oh joy. I am leaving around lunch (which is good since I forgot lunch at home anyways). I am taking my work with me, and will hopefully get some of it done.

But yeah...when the nurse goes "uh, get her in here now"...that is not with the so-goodness or anything...

Meanwhile, it was funny listening to my dad flip out over it on Saturday. I had basically already decided to see my doctor about it since the eye doctor hasn't found anything wrong, but my dad pulled the "GO TO THE DOCTOR OHNOES!!!"....which is completely understandable. Mirela (my step-mom) had hearing problems, slight vision problems, and headaches, and it turned out to be a brain tumor. Yeah. It was still funny though.

But you know...after over 2 weeks of blurry vision, and a week of headaches (3 or 4 migraines...VERY BAD), I was already convinced of a doctors visit. And whoo, the doctors office heartily agrees. Oh wait, thats bad. anyways, I get to play "send out bills late so they don't clear till I get paid"...which is always a fun game. Groceries? I don't need no stinkin groceries!!


And just for kicks: Causes of blurry vision that run in my family (AKA things that my family gets that can cause my symptoms):
Diabetes and MS
oh it'll be fun! (I'm not saying it's one of these, just that they are possibilities)


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