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Here is an update, for those who still read this thing. And for posterity.

Yes, I'm still in Maine. I have been here since July 13. It's now November 10th. That's...a long time. Almost 4 months. I've spent a total of 25 nights at home since July. And, considering that I was camping the weekend before I came up here, and that I was bouncing all over New England for the month or so before that...yeah. I miss home.

Currently we are in the home stretch. The most complicated stuff is done- the majority of the excavations are completed, and we've only got about 50 feet of riverbank left to work on- and the digging is done there, it's just the stonework that needs to be finished.

We're almost done on-site treatment (the dirt that had higher concentrations is being mixed with a reagent on site; that means that it is a lot cheaper to dispose of, whereas high concentration dirt is hella-expensive. We're saving a ton of money by treating on-site). And, we've already started shipping out the treated dirt.

So, despite some bad weather (a few rain days, and a couple of snow flurries) we're still looking ok for Nov. 21. In fact, if things go REALLY REALLY well, we may be done a day or two early. There may be a few things that need to be picked up/shipped from site after Thanksgiving (heavy equipment, trailers, etc), but the work-work should be done. Hopefully.

We have two EPA peeps 'in charge'. Dan is the person in charge of the site, but Mike covers when Dan can't be here. They are two very very different bosses.

Dan always has more work to tack on. But, he also understands limitations if they're explained to him, and he's willing to accept the opinion of more experienced people. He also can't make a decision. Ever. He will sit there and chase options in a circle. Every option has downsides, but he will chase the options around and around and around....for days, weeks, months.

Mike lets me do my work. I can ask him if there's anything else to do, and he'll say 'if you've got time...' which is nice. He's not always adding on stuff to my already-overloaded plate. But, he also won't listen to anybody else. If he wants TASK done, GET IT DONE. Nevermind that the tide won't let us, or that is 10 degrees and snowing, and the crew hasn't had a break in 5 hours. Nevermind that we've worked a 12 hour day. Nevermind that TASK really can't be completed properly in the time we have, or that pre-task needs to be done first. TASK TASK TASK NOW NOW NOW. Gr.
On the other hand, he makes decisions. He looks at the options, and picks the one that works for the situations- timewise, or whatever. Sometimes I think he's the only reason we're getting out of here at all.

I obviously don't get to be home a lot. I get to see Rob every couple of weeks- we've found that 10 days is our limit on being apart. We can make it a day or two more if we know it's coming, but it just gets harder and harder to be away. I know part of it is that I miss physical contact, not just with Rob, but with everybody. I haven't had a hug in two weeks! (except from guys on the crew, which borders on creepy rather than comforting). It's really tough for me to deal with, because I'm a very physical person. I hug, I tackle, I shoulder-check. And I haven't been able to do that!

I also really miss EVERYBODY. I miss my cats so much. I miss my friends. I miss my mom, and my siblings, and my nephews! I miss my own bed, and couch. I miss Rock Band. I miss having a full kitchen, and my car. I miss my 'in-laws' (ok, so maybe not quite as much as the others). I miss being able to go to a friends place, or just out, and not feeling bad that I'm not spending time at home (the reproachful eyes of my cats are unbearable). I just keep telling myself 'a couple more weeks' but then we're into the holiday season, and it just gets harder.

*sigh* it's also really beginning to stress me out that I'll have 1 day home between finishing on site and going to Ohio. We're leaving on the 23rd. I'm getting home (most likely) on the 21st. I will have one day to unpack, do laundry, repack, catch up on the necessities (sort mail, get cat food, etc) before heading back out the door for a week. I am really not looking forward to it. At all.

I was talking to Mom a week or two ago, and she mentioned that she thought she might be lactose intolerant. Symptoms noticeable after milk, cheese, etc. So she played around with it, and noticed a difference when she drank lactose-free milk, etc.
Then I realized that I was having the same problems. I was ignoring them as best I could, because I didn't want to acknoweledge it. But really- it's almost painfully obvious. But thinking back, I didn't have the problems in college...or even a few years ago. So I am now wondering if the Lactose Intolerance is caused or aggravated by either the acid reflux, or the meds for it. I've got a gastro appointment after Thanksgiving, so I'm taking a daily supplement (non-medicine, just a 'supplement') to help with the symptoms until then. And no, cutting dairy out isn't an option. No, really. It's not something I will go without. Mac and cheese, ice cream, milk...all too ingrained in my diet. Not going to stop having them. There are things I'm willing to go without (pizza, for instance, I hardly ever eat nowadays- hurts too much), but dairy is not one of them.

I've been considering (to the point where I have made pricing inquiries) about getting cruise control installed on Felix. I am fully aware that after-market installs aren't as good as factory. I'm also well aware that its more cost-effective to get stuff like that when you buy the car, rather than after. BUT I couldn't afford it when I got Felix, and I can now. I also use cruise control all the time when it's available (in rentals, etc). I also have a 10-hour drive to OH coming up, and it would be handy for that. The place I'm looking at for having it done is certified, and would not void my warrantee. I'm also playing with the idea of remote start and fog lights- remote start because winter sucks, and fog lights...well, just cuz. I've already bought my new stereo, but it hasn't been installed yet (haven't had time...being in Maine and all). I've also looked into the pros/cons of getting a newer/different car with the features I want, and it's not worth it. I know not everyone would think that it's worth if for the cruise control, but to me, it is. I'm planning on having Felix for a couple more years, and cruise control is something I use anytime I'm on a stretch of road with minimal lights (hell, I'd probably use it on the way to and from the office every day). It would also make trips to Worcester and beyond a little easier/less stressful.
Please, if you have a comment about my car mods, don't call me or my thoughts 'stupid'. I know some people think that. But really, constructive criticism only, please. I have neither the patience or inclination to be berated or flamed about things I am only THINKING of doing. And chances are that if you are rude about it, I'll just do what I want anyways, with the little perk of spite involved.

I also got a tattoo a month or so back (pics on FB if you're interested). Three little lizards on my left wrist/forearm. Again- no nasty comments please! I have wanted a tattoo for years. Of lizards. for YEARS. I just finally had all of the parts- the right design, the right artist, the inclination, the money, the time, and the gumption. And I'm happy with it. I love it! They have names too- The largest one (back of my wrist) is Colnenel Henry Blake, the middle is Captain Sidney Freidman, and the littlest (on the outside of my forearm) is Corporal Rader O'Reilly. Yup. MASH characters. There was too much competition between the names of the main characters, so I chose some of my favorite supporting roles.

I've got a turtle tattoo in the works for my leg- Wiz (my tattoo guy) is working on the design. And I've got two other that are ready to be inked on, as soon as I know when the job will end (both are in locations that would not heal as well due to site work). One is going on my neck (which is in prime lobster-zone during a hot shower, after a cold day on site) and the other is going on my ankle (where my socks and boots would rub against it). Friction, heat/steam, and exposure are all things that need to be taken into consideration with new tattoos, since they can effect how well the tattoo heals, and therefor how it looks when fully healed.

All of the tattoos are in places that can be covered up, one way or another, for most occasions, if necessary. None are offensive or really bright/attention drawing. I know that the hardest part is going to be stopping myself from getting more. I am trying to keep them subtle and coverable, so that I can do so when needed.

Recently, I've been working on putting some of my favorite tv shows/movies on my iPod. All things I own- MASH, MacGyver, HIMYM...Ghostbusters, GBII, Clue...that sort of thing. I've found a program that works really well for it too. I've also found that video sucks the battery life hard. Fully charged, I can get 5 or 6 hours of video I think.

Aaaannd...I think that's it. That is my life at the moment. And this was a loooong entry. Maybe some LJ cuts would be helpful. LJ cuts, go!
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