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Apr. 3rd, 2011 09:48 am
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Apparently, today is not my day.

Burnt the toast...twice.
Burnt the bacon, horribly.
Onion was potent and I could barely see, and my nose wouldn't stop running.
Cut myself whilst cutting the onion.
burnt myself dealing with bacon.
Burnt the butter while sauteeing the onions.

I give up. Screw breakfast, a RedBull is just fine.
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Oh dear, has life ever been busy. To ridiculous extents, mind you.

Rob is still living with his parents. He's been seeing a therapist weekly, and has seen a psychiatrist twice. He's on a couple of medications, and they're starting to take effect, but there are some interesting side effects, and still some issues with panic, etc.

Work has been super super busy- lots of reports, site work here and there, and omg did I mention the reports? I've been worked my (now scrawny) little butt off for weeks. But hey, it's all getting done.

Week before last, I worked all week like a good little doobie. A couple hours before I was gonna go home, I got told I was going on a response- no choice was given, but whatever. My super awesome coworker Carolyn finished the PDF compilation I was working on, and off I went. Got back at 7pm, but hey, weekend!

Saturday I was home, hanging with Rob. Phone rings. Another response. Again, I was given minimal choice- I was told I could go 'now, or for second shift'- ie, I could give up my Saturday, or give up my Sunday. I chose the 'now', because we had plans on Sunday. So at 1pm ish I went in to the office, and then drove down to Bridgeport, CT. Worky worky (mill fire, so we monitored for particulates, collected samples for asbestos count, and monitored for a couple other things- I spend Saturday night sitting in the back of the SUV, crouched up, remotely monitoring some of the instruments. Left at 5am Sunday morning, and drove back home. Got home around 9am, got an hour of sleep, and then I got up, and we went to the folks house for lunch with the inlaws and an aunt/uncle pair that were in from OH (Have I mentioned how much I love Rob's family?)

We kinda had to go to the house, because I had my wet tent from camping the prior weekend, sitting in my car- it rained all week, so it was just sitting there all week, and oh my did it ever need to be aired out/dried. We set the tent up so I could sweep it out, etc.

So, right. I worked all weekend. And then I had to work all week- I was running the field screening analysis on site, so I was there ALL week. Sitting in the back of a cargo van.
-On Monday, the analysis unit wasn't working, because the manufacturer loaded the software incorrectly. Dove down to their office in Woburn, got it fixed.
-On Tuesday, the van I was working in died- We have to leave the van running, because we need to run the inverter to power the instrument and my computer. So, Tuesday afternoon was a bust, because I spent the time on the phone getting the tow truck and garage set up.
-Wednesday, things actually worked, and I was able to catch up on the backlog of samples.
-Thursday I kept up with samples, and made some edits to a report
-Friday, the PC access program (that the instrument manufacturer had me using) expired- it was a trial copy. I then had to use the instruments touch screen to enter the test data and run the samples- this is a (hard to describe) ergonomic/ impossible angle issue. Lets just go with I spent the day lying on the floor of the van to mess with the instrument, then had to get up to do anything else, then back down on the floor, etc. Ridiculous.
My my, we're already at this weekend.

Thursday night, I had a quartet concert- I've been rehearsing with two 'pick p' quartets- we just got together to sing one song. Thursday was the 'quartet showcase' where p/u quartets and standing/established quartets sang a song or two, and reveled in the awesomeness that is barbershop quarteting. I sand 'Sold' and a medley (I hate that word) of 'Save the Last Dance for Me' and 'Sway'. It was all sorts of awesome. Afterwards my mom, Rob, Rob's dad and I went out for a (late) dinner. Fun times all around. Yes my mommy was an awesome mommy, and drove up just to see me sing (and then spent the night because it's a long drive).

Friday I was lazy. (once I got home from work)
Saturday I was ridiculously productive- Laundry, dishes, assembling an IKEA cabinet (which has been sitting, in boxes, in the hall for weeks), and painted the shelves (which I've had sitting on a drop cloth in the living room for months).

Yesterday was AWESOME. I got to see the I8 peeps, and meet all their husbands (man, everyone is married), and sing (more). Twas GREAT.

Today I get to relax a little more. But, I also have to pack, because tomorrow I head off to lovely New Bedford, again. For 6 weeks. Home on the weekends, but still gone a lot. I feel like such a bad cat-mommy, because they will be alone all week (one of the big downsides to Rob not living here).

...and thats about it. Also went camping with the family twice, met my new neice (adorable!) and taught my older nephews Dominion (wicked cool game, and so neat that they understood it, and enjoyed it tons). Finally got my hair cut.

Yup. Life is busy.
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Oh My. Let's see... )

...Yeah, I guess that's all the big stuff.
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So, we all know I've joined a chorus.

There is one song that we sang (my first time singing it) a couple weeks back.

The first time I heard it, I loved it- it's a song that my mom has lived by as long as I've known her, even if she's never heard the song either.

Something Inside So Strong )

(I took out the chorus sections to minimize repetitiveness)
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So, the bad first- I found out last weekend, while at a bachelorette party, that my cousin had passed away. While it was a cousin I haven't seen in the last decade or so, he was one of the few that I liked. We were close when I was younger. He was 39 when he died, and it was unexpected by everyone. I'm not even sure if it has truly hit me yet.

I came down with a cold the day of the funeral. I also had a migraine the entire day before.

This weekend we found out that the mother of a good friend was in a tragic accident. She was biking, and was struck by a garbage truck. She passed away last night, and we are very saddened by it- she was one of the nicest people we know, and her family is devastated.

These are all not good things, and we are just trying to cope.

We finally made a decision, for better or worse. A good friend (K, who I've mentioned previously) and his wife own a townhouse in Haverhill, currently vacant. They are moving away so K can get his PhD, and offered to let us rent the townhouse at a ridiculous low price. We have accepted the offer, because it helps both parties- we get to rent a nice place cheap, and they will have someone in the house, and be getting some money out of it. There are a few downsides to the location, but nothing that outweighs the good things.

So we'll be moving on the 14th- all help is welcome. Before then, we'll be painting- help would be great then too :-p

Also, I was accepted into the chorus I've been singing with- passed both parts of the audition and everything. Yay.

I guess that's all for now.
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Ok. So. Life.

One day at a time )

To move, or not to Move )

It's gonna be the future soon )

And there is my life. Crazy and stressful. I am very glad for what I learned from my Mom- You don't give up, no matter what. If you stop trying, your failure is your own fault. If you try, at least you can say you did- and most of the time if you really try, you'll suceed. Nothing can really get you down, and keep you down, unless you let it. And, most importantly- If you think you can, or you think you can't- either way, you're probably right.


Nov. 10th, 2009 09:11 am
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Here is an update, for those who still read this thing. And for posterity.

How goes work? )

Isn't it hard being away so much? )

Misc- Health, car, body, etc )

Aaaannd...I think that's it. That is my life at the moment. And this was a loooong entry. Maybe some LJ cuts would be helpful. LJ cuts, go!
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From my LJ, August 22, 2008:
Dear Hospital.


And NO, sending it to me, then two collections TWO WEEKS LATER doesn't count.

Yes,my procedure was in April. But you did not send me those imaginarystatements in May or June...I know, I checked...I don't have them.

So, no thanks for the collections notice, but thanks for recalling it and actually giving me time to pay.

k. thanks.

From Now:
Dear Hospital.


And NO, sending it to me, then two collections TWO WEEKS LATER doesn't count.

Yes,my procedure was in AprilMay. But you did not send me those imaginary statements in May or Junea statement until AUGUST...I know, I checked...I don't have them.

So, no thanks for the collections notice, but thanks for recalling it and actually giving me time to pay.

k. thanks.

I also assume that you didn't send the bill to the insurance company until August as well. 2 problems now: 1) it takes a month for them to pay you (and you by then are sending me to collections) and 2) MY INSURANCE WON'T PAY ANYTHING MORE THAN 180 DAYS OLD!!! So, while the labwork managed to slide in under the wire, I am being told by my insurance that the $70 charge for...the tech or lab person or whatever, is all mine to pay. Please to be doing your jobs in a timely manner, and not to be messin' with my credit score, k thanks. Fuckers.


Sep. 11th, 2009 10:36 am
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I couldn't agree more with This.

Seriously. Now, I don't want to come off as a terrible person here (which is why it's here and not on Facebook or something) but honestly, I think it can stop now.

No, I'm not saying we should forget. I know I never will.

But I think rehashing the same thing OVER AND OVER is ridiculous. Oklahoma was finally let go after 5 or 6 years. We're finally hearing less about Katrina. Can't we let this fade a little too?

Yes, it's the anniversary of a tragic, horrible terrorist attack. But does everyone need to re-live the exact time and place when they heard the news? do we need to hear about it ALL DAY on EVERY radion station and TV channel? Do we need to listen to the crappy music that was written to 'commemerate' the day (or just make money off of it, in most cases)?

I hear '9/11' and I remember what happened, I remember where I was, I am quiet for a moment- I don't need to hear about it, or talk about it, or read about it all day long. A Moment is all I need.

I know I'm probably in the minority here. Really, that's fine. I just need to vent about this. I didn't know anybody who was there. I'm not even sure if I know someone who knew someone was there. I know people who know people who knew someone...but that may be as close as it gets. I know that the people who lost loved ones still hurt- that will never go away. But reliving it every single year certainly isn't going to help.


Aug. 14th, 2009 07:46 am
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Goodbye, Caramon!!


(Two Lumps is one of my favorite comics- Snooch (Caramon's 'character') reminds me of Gantu every time. Eben (Ebenezer, Raist's 'character') always reminds me of Kaylee in relation to Gantu.

I am sad for their loss.

It hits home even more, because I just found out the other day that my friends (who have two brothers, one tubber, and one just solid) smaller cat has diabetes.

Poor kitties, and poor kitty parents.
I want to hug my furballs. I miss my babies.
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Dear boss, EPA, managers, and other people:


NO, I really, really DON'T have time to write up 2 reports while I'm in Maine. Yes, it is a removal. No, contrary to other removals, I have NO FREE TIME during the day. I have enough (and MORE than enough, thankyouverymuch) things to do during the day.

I am working 10 hours a day, six days a week. I really, really don't have time for those reports.

and I really, really, really reallreallyreally don't want to have to go back to the hotel and work on them every night. Especially not enough to get them done 'in the next few days'

Really? Really? May I suggest that you FIND SOMEONE ELSE?! I am working my ass off, I would like to have enough time to eat, and sleep.

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Right, so...
Those who know me know that I'm a little crazy. Ping-pong of thought as opposed to train of thought and all that.

Well, I'm on meds for that now. ADD diagnoses was no real surprise, and the meds have made it a little better.

Mind you, the medicine I'm on for the ADD causes nausea, headaches, and loss of appetite.
And the BC I'm on can cause nausea.
And the other med I'm on (for my hair) also causes nausea.

And I started two of those at the same time. Nausea SO BAD. I started the meds a while ago...at the beginning of April. I started on a really low dose of the ADD meds, so the side effects weren't so bad.

As we got into May, and kept tweaking the dosage, the nausea started getting worse. And worse, and worse. I basically stopped eating breakfast and lunch (not that I was ever much for breakfast anyways).

Towards the end of May/early June, I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks. That's kind of a lot. Then I lost 5 more in the following 2 weeks. Not as bad, but still not good.

I am now down 20 pounds from where I was just 2 months ago. While I am happy that I weigh much close to what I WANT to weigh, I am really not so happy about the way I lost it- even if it was because of the medication, not eating is just not a good idea. My daily calorie intake is pretty low in general (I have a slow metabolism), but I cut it down even further when the nausea was at its worst.

But fortunately, I found that Carnation instant breakfast 1) gives me calories and vitamins; 2) doesn't taste terrible; and 3) actually eases the nausea, to the point where I can eat lunch. Which is good.

Meanwhile, in April or thereabouts, I went out and bought a whole bunch of pants for work- lightweight, cargo, muted colors that wouldn't show dirt too much, and cheap. Now, because of the weight loss, they are all 2 or 3 sizes too big. Which means I have to go buy NEW pants AGAIN because NONE of mine fit.

Luckily, the jeans are still passable (though I really should get a couple that fit better). Really, the work pants are a problem. If I don't have my belt cinched in, the literally fall off.

And the stress thing- let's just say a whole bunch of things are really not going as planned. I am in Maine until the end of September, and it is rather messing things up, both schedule and activity wise, and just sanity wise. Yeah, I can talk on the phone and online with people, and have people visit me. But the real problem is that I am away from my furbabies. They miss me, and I miss them, and I have to leave them in Rob's hands while I'm gone.

And that's life.


Jun. 27th, 2009 09:22 am
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Sign outside a veterinary hospital:
Don't 'litter'. Spay or nueter your pet!


Jun. 25th, 2009 07:42 am
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Oh, Truth...

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well...on the bright side...

At least if I'm gonna be in a hotel for the majority of the next two months...one of my hotel options has a Starbucks in the hotel, and a fridge in the room...

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There is no multiplayer for Ghostbusters...

None at all on PC (which is ridiculous)
None on ds (not suprising)

Online only on Xbox and PS3 (no local, which is stupid)

Wii and PS2 apparently have local multiplayer...but shitty graphics.

It's absolutely ridiculous, and I am SO NOT HAPPY.
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I've got the XBox 360 version (with free t-shirt) waiting at the apartment.

But since I'm working in Maine and won't be home til Friday, I bought the DS version yesterday so I could PLAY OMG

I am also considering getting the PC version....I swear, I can't help it! I see Ghostbusters, and I must have it...oh, I love Ghostbusters.

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I found a red-back salamander under my grill cover today (the grill cover came off in the winter, and stayed in a heap until I moved it today).

I took pics, and put it at the edge of the tree line.

Coincedently, I need a new grill cover. Mine was rather a mess :-p
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Oh fun.

Friday we got nothing done. When I got home from work, Rob hadn't showered. When Rob finally showered, I had a headache. When my headached went away, Rob time-warped (lost track of time). When he looked at the clock, it was 7:30 and too late to make it to the store he wanted to go to (which closes at 8). So, no draino (our tub was clogged in the nastiest way- 10 minute shower, water up to the ankles, ick), no groceries, no work shoes (for Rob)...le sigh.

Saturday we managed to get out the door relatively on time, and went down to visit Sunshine and Chris. Saw their house (nice) and their remodeled bathroom (which looks fabulous). Went to the park, and took them to dinner (for Sunshine's b-day).

Sunday we went to the Museum of Science with Keith, Meg, and Sonya. Meg wanted to see the frog exhibit. It was fun...except for the bratty screaming kids. Oh, and trying to get out of Boston. I don't know why we drove in. Cheaper? yes. Easier? Oh HELLS no. We got stuck in a turn-only, then spent some unknown amount of time (I think at least half an hour) trying to get back to where we could get on the highway.

By that time, of course, I had a migraine. I HATE HATE HATE being in a car in Boston. In the middle back seat. Getting lost. With the driver frustrated, the co-pilot terrible at maps and directions, Rob trying to give direction from the back seat (usually the opposite of what the copilot was saying), and my lovely Sonya, being...Sonya (a little on the loud side).

When we finally got home, I laid down in bed with an icepack, and stayed there for almost 3 hours. Worst migraine I have EVER had. I cried, I winced at the tiniest noise or light, and wished I had a bucket of ice to stick my head in.

Monday- oh, Monday.

Got up, and went to the grocery store. I couldn't put it off any longer, we were in desperate need of draino, and I had to get the fixins for a salad for mom's cookout. Lo and behold, there is a damned parade in town. UGH. (I also hate parades). Not only was there the pain of people sitting in the street to get a 'good view', but it seems that they all thought parking in the grocery store parking lot was a GREAT idea. The grocery store was open. There was NO PARKING to be had, because 95% of the cars were there for the fricken parade. So, I found myself a (somewhat not-legal) parking spot, and went in. I talked to the customer service desk about parking (aparently it happens every year), and went on with shopping.

When I got out of the store, the parade was breaking up, and people were starting to leave. So, not only was there end-of-parade traffic, but they also closed down part of the main road to allow a quieter veterans ceremony at the memorial. Mind you, there weren't any signs posted about it, so it was just backed up traffic for no discernable reason as everyone was sent on long and confusing detours.

Got home, put away groceries, and made the macaroni salad for mom's. Then I realized there was no way I was getting out of the house in time to make it to Auburn for the pool-rescue party. :(
Rob stayed home to nap, and I went to mom's. Julie cut my hair (yay!!), we ate, played crouqet. Fixed mom's pump sprayer, and home I went.

Now I'm back at work. Work is CRAZY for the next month, at least. I will not be having fun. I am tired. I want to SLEEP.

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