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So, the bad first- I found out last weekend, while at a bachelorette party, that my cousin had passed away. While it was a cousin I haven't seen in the last decade or so, he was one of the few that I liked. We were close when I was younger. He was 39 when he died, and it was unexpected by everyone. I'm not even sure if it has truly hit me yet.

I came down with a cold the day of the funeral. I also had a migraine the entire day before.

This weekend we found out that the mother of a good friend was in a tragic accident. She was biking, and was struck by a garbage truck. She passed away last night, and we are very saddened by it- she was one of the nicest people we know, and her family is devastated.

These are all not good things, and we are just trying to cope.

We finally made a decision, for better or worse. A good friend (K, who I've mentioned previously) and his wife own a townhouse in Haverhill, currently vacant. They are moving away so K can get his PhD, and offered to let us rent the townhouse at a ridiculous low price. We have accepted the offer, because it helps both parties- we get to rent a nice place cheap, and they will have someone in the house, and be getting some money out of it. There are a few downsides to the location, but nothing that outweighs the good things.

So we'll be moving on the 14th- all help is welcome. Before then, we'll be painting- help would be great then too :-p

Also, I was accepted into the chorus I've been singing with- passed both parts of the audition and everything. Yay.

I guess that's all for now.

Date: 2010-03-15 05:14 am (UTC)
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i hope your move went well


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