Feb. 2nd, 2009

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Yay! I am finally done with working out in W MA for a few months! Yay! (this doesn't mean that I won't be working some where else though, le sigh).

This weekend was rather busy, wot wot.

Friday, after finally getting off site, driving to the office, unloading everything, and getting stuff into the general vicinity of its home, I went home myself. Showered, and out the door again right quick.

Dinner was supposed to be irish, but ended up being sushi/ San Fransisco Kitchen, Tasty sushi! Then Rock Band. Never too much Rock Band.

Saturday was seeing friends I haven't seen in FOREVER, and meeting their new puppy. Golden retriever puppies are too fricken cute. Dinner, wrestling with puppy, and board games. Woot.

Sunday was lunch and a movie (Twilight, review under the cut below) with Rob's sister- we had a lot of fun. Lunch was tasty, and I learned that not only is Rob's sister impressed with how well I'm doing at life (got out of college, got a job, work hard, pay the bills, etc) but she and her parents are all really impressed by my patience with Rob. I'm sometimes impressed at it myself, and I know my friends think he isn't worth it, but its nice that his family appreciates it at least: ) (yes, Rob appreciates it too).

I got home, and then we started killing zombies. L4D is my new favorite game for LAN parties. My scores are improving!!

And now, my thoughts on the movie Twilight )


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