May. 19th, 2009 09:03 pm
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House Hunters (rerun) tonight is based in the Lake Sebago region of ME...

TOTALLY where I am right now. In fact, They're looking in Casco.

Work is totally in Casco.

I find this very entertaining :-p

EDIT: Oh the lulz. The realtor from the show? Our work is right next door. Seriously. Next door.

Oh, coincidence!!
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Oh, life. You have been BUSY.

Between birthdays, and work, my life has been crazy busy. I've either completed my 40 hours early and had the time off, or worked overtime for the last month. Wee, lots of extra money!

I also found out my raise- 6%, which is pretty decent, though a little less than I was hoping for.

I'm getting more used to the ADD meds, and we've upped the dosage ('we' being my psychiatrist and I) a couple of times, and it's getting closer.

Rob has a job now! He's waitstaff for a catering temp agency (that my mom works for part time). His first gig is Friday, so he'll have money soonish! yay!

My reflux has been acting up more lately- which is sad. I'm going to really have to work on the losing weight thing to make it better. I think the new meds (ADD and otherwise) might be aggravating the reflux, which sucks.

I saw a dermatologist a while back. I decided that I was really fed up with the thin hair (alopecia is the medical term). She said that it is decidedly hormonal, since it affected all of my siblings as well, and, as far as I recall, started shortly after puberty. She wants me to change BC, since the one I'm on doesn't help my condition, but the others she suggested really don't agree with me (I'm on a progestin-based BC now. The estrogen-based BCs she recommended caused massive mood swings, and physical ickiness as well). She did prescribe a med to help with the hair loss though (apparently it was originally marketed as a diuretic (sp?), but that didn't work, so it's marketed as a BP med..but is also prescribed for a bunch of other reasons (such as hair loss). It can cause potassium issues though, so I have to get my blood checked every couple of months to make sure I'm doing ok.

umm...other than that life is good. I've been working on my 'resolutions' to stay better hydrated (which waxes and wanes), and be happier in general. Oh, and I'm trying to get better about sending thankyou cards! You wouldn't believe how many thank-yous I've gotten for the thank-yous I've sent! :-p
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Once again, the summer season is upon us.

Even though it's only spring, I've already heard SEVERAL stories of dogs left in the cars whilst the owners shop or eat or whatnot. It's extremely depressing and frustrating, since most stores won't make an announcement about it.

This year, I've made up a card with the local numbers for the Police Departments, Animal Control offices, and humane societies for the shopping areas I frequently visit (Nashua, Chelmsford, Lowell, etc). I laminated it and everything.
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apparently, I can post from my phone. sweet.

Unfortunately, spelling and grammar are a bit difficult.

My reflux is really acting up. Im in Springfield. The weekend was pretty awesome. Birthday celebrations and MS walk and all.

Now you are up to date on life.
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on car stereos.

I'm looking at upgrading my stereo at some point in the (relatively) near future. I'd like a double din (my current stereo is, and I hate the squashed look on single din), with CD/Mp3, aux input, FM. And, of course, I really can't/won't/don't want to spend more than $200.

I'm looking at the Clarion line. Specifically the Clarion DUZ385SAT

It has an average 4-star rating on most sites, and for installation into the Versa, I've read one that said it stuck out from the dash just a titch, and one that said it fit well (with pictures to illustrate).

Just looking for thoughts, or suggestions.
"Don't upgrade your stereo, you shouldn't spend money like that" isn't advice, unless there's a good reason. If I have the money, I will spend it how I see fit.
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My family is once again participating in the CT walk for MS (Multiple Sclerosis) this Sunday.

I have both family, and family of friends affected by this disease. It can be very debilitating, and has no cure.

I'm keeping this short and sweet, but any amount helps. You can use the links below to support me, my team, or learn more about MS.

You can use a credit card to donate online, mail a donation to the address found on the webpage, or give them to me (cash or check) to hand in.

Family page: Dupree Clan

My fundraising page for the MS Walk in Woodstock, CT: my page

-End of money-begging time-


Apr. 3rd, 2009 03:16 pm
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This is really weird.

My review went really, really well this year.

Apparently, not only was my manager, J impressed...but even head honcho/cheap bastard was impressed by my 'marked improvements in judgement, relations, and performance'.

It's...odd. Considering my dislike of this job has gone from intense and neverending to cold and simmering. I still dislike it, but I shall bide my time until I can get out.

Anyways. People are happy with me at least. The act is working!


Apr. 1st, 2009 03:30 pm
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In other exciting news, I went to see a psychiatrist this morning.

She prescribed meds for my ADD.

I was very excited, until I got to the pharmacy and was told that my insurance doesn't cover it for people over 23 years of age.

Now I have to wait to get my meds until my doctor gets my insurance to understand that ADD affects adults too.



Mar. 24th, 2009 06:37 pm
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I watched last night, and was laughing.

Thinking this, almost exactly: http://www.reallifecomics.com/
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I finally figured out why the checkbook discrepancy was bouncing between 389 and 475.

I kept forgetting that my $86 insurance automatic payment hasn't gone through yet (I already wrote it in my checkbook, but it doesn't come out of my account until today or Monday)

Now I just have to figure out where the hell the 389 came from...
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Oh! and the bank discrepancy is still happening!
I've gone through and compared my checkbook to my statements, and there are no glaring math errors in my checkbook, and no transactions missing from one or t'other.

However, it varies- sometimes its $389 and sometimes its $475. Nothing in between, just one of those two dollar amounts.

It's really really weird.


Mar. 18th, 2009 11:15 am
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I know identify theft is a big problem.

I know fraud protection is a big deal right now.

STOP telling people to write 'CID' "ID REQUIRED" etc. on the back of the credit cards.


The credit card must by signed. If it is not signed then it is invalid. No, really. Thats what the back of the card says.

(Sorry for the rant, I am really sick of hearing this. When I was a cashier, I was taught to check the ID, hand them the card, and tell them that in the future we would be unable to accept the card, since technically it was invalid.)

This is one of my pet peeves.
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For the MA/NH/CT folks (that travel in MA)

Effective Sunday 3/22/09, the law, known as "Slow Down, Move Over," goes into effect as part of an effort to better protect emergency responders and roadside workers.
The new law requires drivers approaching an accident scene to leave the lane closest to the accident and slow down to a reasonable speed.
If you're motoring down a state highway and see the flashing lights of an emergency vehicle, tow truck or road maintenance crew working on the shoulder up ahead, be advised: slow down and/or change lanes — or face a fine of up to $100. 


Mar. 9th, 2009 04:17 pm
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Dear boss-man

I know that I'm light on work. Really, I do.

HOWEVER, that does not, under any circumstances, make it ok to sign me up for being on-call without any warning, or even asking me.

No, I can't be on call this weekend. During the week? Sure, why not, its something to put on my timesheet, and I generally don't make any big plans for weeknights anyways. But, you see, you pompous jackass, I have PLANS this weekend. I plan my weekends, sometimes weeks, even months in advance. And no, I am not going to cancel my plans so I can wait for the phone to ring. Furthermore, I have no intention of going to an emergency response if it happens during one of my planned events. I plan my weekends according to the on-call schedule, which was organized two months ago. Stop dumping it on me just because I'm light on work. I have a life, thanks.

No Love,

Thankfully, a coworker actually WANTED to be on call this weekend so he could build up hours and use less vacation time. I get a couple hours, he gets a couple hours, everyone is relatively happy.
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And basically all asshole music programs.

I burn a CD of MY music.
I then take MY cd to work to put on my work laptop.
I then have to enter information for EACH INDIVIDUAL TRACK because there is no way to import the song list. AT ALL. I have to go in and type in the song name, artist, and if I care, the album, genre, and whatever else. They make it impossible to, say, just import the titles and artist from an excel file. They are so uppity about 'pirating' and all that shit that I can't even burn a mix CD for myself.




Feb. 25th, 2009 01:09 pm
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Bein stealthy and sneaky is HARD.

Also, waiting is unpleasant.
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Is anyone interested in a copy of Left 4 Dead (zombie game via Steam)

It's a lot of fun, and we will have a copy available for $38 (instead of the $50 it goes for normally)

lemme know :)


Feb. 19th, 2009 12:49 pm
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How hard is it to apply the loans like I've asked you to do?
-pay the amount due on the fed. loan
-pay the amount due on the private loan
- put any excess payment to the principal of the private loan.




Feb. 19th, 2009 11:03 am
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So, in other FABULOUS news...

Kaylee actually let me pick her up and hold her last night. She started to freak a little as I was picking her up, but once she was against me, she was pretty happy, and let my scratch he neck, and purred. Then she wanted down.

I let her down, and she came right back over to me, and let me pick her up again! I tried walking with her, to get her used to it, and she wanted down again. Repeat!

I actually picked her up and held her! 3 times! in a row!

I'm going to start doing this more often so she can get used to it, and learn that being held is ok, and being held while mommy is walking is ok.

...she's starting to let Rob pet her, at least :-p and sometimes she'll even sit on his lap on the couch.

Maybe I can get her to come up on my lap when I'm on the computer soon, too.

Yay Kaylee!


Feb. 18th, 2009 07:42 pm
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My taxes are filed. I gets money!

In celebration of the money-getting, I have decided that my tax present this year will be DDR. Two metal DDR pads, and 4 DDR games, to be exact. The rest of my tax refund goes to debt- paying off the mattress, and catching up on payments to mom

Also, I won first place in the pie cook-off at work. Apple pie ALWAYS wins. And I make a mean apple pie. And mine was the only apple pie entered this year. I win!
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